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If you spend most of your time running around chasing clients, trying to convince them of the TRUE VALUE of your products and/or services…

If you are looking for the KEY to win them over for good…
If you dream of making your business and your story UNFORGETTABLE…

Then you absolutely MUST write a BOOK!
And not just ANY book:
a BUSINESS BOOK that will become your greatest marketing tool!

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What Leading Experts And Authors Of Great Business Books Say About Us:

Andrea Unger

The only Four-Time World Trading Champion

Ernesto Desiderio

Performance Engineer and Creator of PDR Process

Marco Poggianella

CEO of SOP – Save Our Planet

Jaleh Zandieh

how to get more clients, business books

“Having this experience with The Boss Books was exceptional. The entire team creates a 5 – star process that makes designing your signature book thoughtful, vision – expanding , and practical. The Book Camp experience creates a creative environment that allows your voice and expertise to be expressed – and also flow with a momentum that helps you make progress in a focused, supportive way. Thank you Denise and the wonderful team. I look forward to creating more books together.”

Wai Cheung
Transformational Coach

“The Boss Books has a brilliant process for bringing out your book very effectively and very quickly! In their 2 day Book Camp I managed to get more of my book structure, strategy, and content created than I did after 6+ months in other full book writing courses! The quality of the coaching that Denise, Francesca, and the rest of the Boss Books team delivered is second to none. If you have some expertise, and a vision for creating a better world, then I highly recommend their process to get your message out! A+++”

Dovile Riebschlager
Fashion Designer

how to get more clients, business books
“Recommend, especially for the first time authors First of all i would never have a book if not for Boss Books and Denise in particular. The whole process was streamlined, clear and it took all the fears and frustration out of it. If you’re a first time author, l highly recommend Boss Books.”

Why Attending This Free Webinar Is The Best Investment You Can Make?

It’s the fastest way to gain credibility

A book automatically makes you an expert in your field. It gives you visibility in the media and opens the doors to conferences and television appearances.

A book sets  you apart.

Today your online reputation is the most strategic asset you own. Just think if, through a Google search, your prospects discover that you are a specialist in the field and that you’re the only one  to have written a book on the subject … What would it look like?

It helps you build quality relationships.

Writing a book raises the bar in your relationships by allowing you to connect with influential people.

It gives you an edge in business negotiations.

A book is a valuable tool in a commercial negotiation, especially if you are confronted with markets and interlocutors who don’t know you.

It instantly makes you a credible speaker.

Do you want to participate as a speaker in events and conferences on a specific theme? Your book will assure organizers that you are competent enough to do this.

It makes people talk about you.

A book is about you using your words and your voice. So not only will people talk about you with others, but they’ll be saying exactly what you want them to say.

It sells for you.

A book lets people get to know you and how to find you. And when they need personalized advice, they’ll come to you, not the other way around.

“It makes an impression”.

Being the author of a book on a topic relevant to your market is like wearing the best Armani suit at a meeting. It always has a certain effect.

It’s the Swiss army knife of marketing.

A book is the perfect tool for your sales network. Finally, your sales representatives will be able to put something important, more concrete, refined and fascinating in their customers’ hands than the usual catalog.

It’s a business card with muscles.

A book guides people to you, lets others know who you are and how you can help them. It’s the greatest marketing tool you can use to build your brand and attract potential customers.

It puts the spotlight on you.

People judge and grade you all the time. Becoming an author will expose you even more. But with your name on a nice glossy cover you won’t have to fear that judgment anymore.

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Denise Cumella

Bestselling international author, editor and marketing expert, Denise Cumella makes dreams come true for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to tell their story.

She turns their ideas into books and their books into valuable marketing tools.

To date, she personally helped over 330 international authors to build their success.

A true expert in creating bonds between companies and their customers through high-level subject matters, Denise has over 20 years of experience in marketing and creating valuable content. She worked for successful companies such as Lush Cosmetics, Bottega Verde, Riso Scotti, and OSA community.

Pascal Jossi

Pascal is the go-to expert for turning ideas into books at TheBossBooks as the Head of Global Publishing.

With years of experience as a corporate culture consultant for top companies, he knows what it takes to help business leaders and professionals share their stories.

Tasked with growing the business and establishing strategic partnerships, he leads the expansion of TheBossBooks services to English, German, and French-speaking markets.

Discover the 10 Strategies to Crush Your Competitors with a Book!

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