Design and create your own book: we help you YOU

The only training camp that covers the strategic content of your Book

Only for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

in the heart of the beautiful Milan

Gain Authority and credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.

Write a Book: we'll help you!

You will leave BookCamp with:

Your Book Strategy.

At least 50% of the content

A Best Seller title and subtitle.

Are you an expert in your field but doesn't anyone know?

If all you do is run after your customers to convince them of the REAL VALUE of your products/services…

if you are looking for the KEY that will allow you to get into their hearts and stay there forever….

if you dream of making your business and your story MEMORABLE

you absolutely must write a BOOK.

And not just any book:

a BUSINESS BOOK that turns into into your most powerful marketing tool!

What awaits you at Bookcamp:

create with our help at least 50 percent of the content of your book.

I want to be very clear from the outset!

Bookcamp is completely different than many events where you find lots of speakers who give their speech in 30 minutes (but without actually training you!)… or events where the obvious purpose is UpSell (i.e., selling a more expensive course/service).

At Bookcamp you don’t listen, you do.
With our help, in just 2 days you will create (for real) at least 50% of your book, which will become an effective and sophisticated marketing tool, enable you to build strategic relationships and gain credibility in your industry.


Denise Cumella

Bestselling international author, editor and marketing expert, Denise Cumella makes dreams come true for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to tell their story.

She turns their ideas into books and their books into valuable marketing tools.

To date, she personally helped over 330 international authors to build their success.

A true expert in creating bonds between companies and their customers through high-level subject matters, Denise has over 20 years of experience in marketing and creating valuable content. She worked for successful companies such as Lush Cosmetics, Bottega Verde, Riso Scotti, and OSA community.

Pascal Jossi

Pascal is the go-to expert for turning ideas into books at TheBossBooks as the Head of Global Publishing.

With years of experience as a corporate culture consultant for top companies, he knows what it takes to help business leaders and professionals share their stories.

Tasked with growing the business and establishing strategic partnerships, he leads the expansion of TheBossBooks services to English, German, and French-speaking markets.

The testimonies

of some participants to the past editions

Having this experience with The Boss Books was exceptional. The entire team creates a 5-star process thatmakes designing your signature book thoughtful, vision-expanding, and practical. The Book Camp experiencecreates a creative environment that allows your voice and expertise to be expressed – and also flow with a momentum that helps you make progress in a focused, supportive way. Thank you Denise and the wonderfulteam. I look forward to creating more books together.

Jaleh Zandieh – consultant

The BookCamp is the ideal solution for those entrepreneurs who can’t stop to focus their ideas and turn them into a book.”

Philip  – entrepreneur

Grazie mille. The book bookcamp was superb. What I loved was the authenticity, clarity and kindness of the boss book staff, it’s evident Denise has a real passion. It’s so refreshing in a business world to come across such wonderful people offering really valuable services. I recommend the course to anyone wanting to create a book of quality and style. It’s easy to follow and the after support is incredible. These people actually care. If you have the opportunity to work on a one to one with them, I’d take it.Happy writing!

Jennifer Elphame Meyer – coach

Eugenio Fernandez

Dear readers and followers of The Boss… – 
Dear readers and followers of The Boss Book, I write this review to express my deep gratitude for the significant role The Boss Book has played in my professional journey. As an author, I have found valuable insights that have guided my writing process and inspired my recent work, “Heroic Organizations.” The book will soon be published in English.

The wisdom and guidance offered by The Boss Book is unparalleled. The lessons learned from this resource contributed significantly to the content and depth of my book.

I am not only satisfied with The Boss Book, but sincerely happy and grateful. My book is an excellent blend of innovative ideas, established wisdom and practical advice. It enables readers to turn our abstract concepts into concrete actions that can heroically reshape organizations, all thanks to The Boss Books.

I highly recommend The Boss Book to anyone who wants to write a book. Whether you are an experienced writer, a beginner or somewhere in between, The Boss Book offers extraordinary value.


Dovile Riebschlager

Fashion Designer USA

Recommend, especially for the first time authors
First of all i would never have a book if not for Boss Books and Denise in particular. The whole process was streamlined, clear and it took all the fears and frustration out of it. If you’re a first time author, l highly recommend Boss Books.


A stimulating experience and, at times, even a lot of fun! Life is a container with almost unlimited capacity, and the experience of writing your own book is amazing. The journey is important, too, not just the destination…”

Cassandra Joliff – Video expert


“It can be done! This is my second book and this time I feel cooler. These moments are very useful to ground ideas that begin to whip through your head. When you’re on your own, you start planning, but then you end up doing nothing. When you have an index you have a clear structure to work on. Take everything very seriously… the purpose of the first day of the BookCamp is: steady? Kick-off!”

Filippo Montaina


I’ve attended other similar events before, but what I’ve achieved in just one day of BookCamp is simply amazing! Today I really worked hard!Now I finally have a clear idea about what my book will be like. And, by the way,I had fun as well!”

Erna Blooms – Los Angeles
Marketing expert

“In three days Denise and her staff did the miracle: I created the first draft of the cover, the complete index and I already wrote 80% of the book. What else to say? If you are an entrepreneur and want to write a book, do not hesitate in participating, I strongly recommend it.”

Salvatore Reina
Business consultant

The Boss Books has a brilliant process for bringing out your book very effectively and very quickly! In their 2 day Book Camp I managed to get more of my book structure, strategy, and content created than I did after 6+ months in other full book writing courses! The quality of the coaching that Denise, Francesca, and the rest of the Boss Books team delivered is second to none. If you have some expertise, and a vision for creating a better world, then I highly recommend their process to get your message out! A+++

Wai Cheung – transformational coach

These guys are amazing. The BookCamp is the course that makes the difference between writing a good book and writing a useless book: it’s pure substance and it explains step by step how to visualize your finished book.”

Andrea Unger – trading champion

The work the team does for the group is mesmerizing. They will help you take all the ideas you´ve had for years and put them down on paper. And maybe you will even walk out of the program with more than one book under your sleeve. Thank you Denise and Francesca!

Waleska Cerpa – financial advisor

Working with TheBossBooks has been a great experience. The provided all the strategical approach and skills needed to create and publish a great book.

Ernesto Desiderio. – F1 performance engineer

“Partipating at the BookCamp is an incredible experience because you spend 2 days with people who have the same goal as you and you are guided towards achieving the final result: in this case, how to find the structure and bring out the concepts of the chapters of your book, so that you can best express your ideas and create a business card that becomes an universal access wherever you want to go and in any context you want to place your offer.”

Gianroberto Marelli – TV director


Beautiful group shining your ever resplendent light! So honored to have heard you all share your vision for your soon to be published books!” Thank you for this wonderful time together, Denise and team. Really appreciate everyone. 🙏❤️ I liked the process, it’s simple and easy to follow, specially since I arrived late today. Thank you!

Lisa Matthews – Yoga teacher


“It was a blender of stimuli, emotions, ideas, projects and intense work.”

Rosalba – entrepreur