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Why should an Entrepreneur Write a Book today?

the boss books - why should an entrepreneur write a book today

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For an entrepreneur the rarest and most precious asset today is the attention of his/her public.

Of course there are many ways to attract people’s attention, but not all of them are equally effective. 

Nowadays people are constantly bombarded with commercial information, images, videos, sounds, smells and incentives of every kind. 

Consequently, the general ability to pay attention has been drastically reduced.

A book, however, is something else.

A good book on a topic that is relevant to your business is a very sophisticated marketing tool

It can give you credibility, establish your reputation as an expert in your field and make you stand out from your competitors. 

It can also be the driving force behind the launch of a consulting company and help you build quality relationships.

Who should you write for?

Admittedly, aiming to write for a very wide audience can probably help you sell your book. Nevertheless, this is not what you should focus on.

What matters is that a good book can offer you real earning opportunities, like the sales and the deals that you will close with the people who have read your book or heard of you thanks to your book. 

This is why in order to turn your book into a real marketing tool, you need to target a niche that is as specific and well-defined as possible. 

The kind of niche that, after listening to your talk at a conference in which you have been introduced as “the author of book x”, will then approach you and ask for your business card.

So why isn’t this powerful tool more commonly used?

Because while anybody can write a newsletter, only few people have the determination, method and ability to write a book.

The first and most common problem is time. Usually the traditional process of writing a book works for people who can devote years of their lives to this project. 

Let’s face it though – who has the time nowadays to plan the whole content of a book, to define its structure, to devote hours every day to writing without being disturbed, and maybe even to create a layout, publish it and promote it?

Not an entrepreneur, for sure.

But that’s not right!

The ideas that are spread through books should come from the most brilliant, knowledgeable and inspired minds on the planet

And not only from the minds of those who can write. 

This is why I have devoted years of my life to a specific mission: turning the best ideas conceived by entrepreneurs into books.

If you are thinking of writing a book, we can help you every step of the way, from selecting your target readers and writing a book outline to publishing and launching your book.

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