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How you can contribute to a more prosperous, just & sustainable organization

ebbf book - the boss books

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How you can contribute to a more prosperous, just & sustainable organization

A book by business leaders for business leaders designed to inspire ethical business practices and build a prosperous future for all humanity.

WHY and HOW can ethical business build the future?

EBBF – Ethical Business Building the Future answers this question by providing concrete guidance to elevate your business to a higher purpose, helping you create workplaces where unity, justice, and equity are more than visions and ideals — they’re everyday realities.

Rooted in EBBF’s Baha’i-inspired values, this community book embodies the power of diversity, gathering wisdom and practical insights from numerous successful entrepreneurs worldwide who are committed to intentionally transforming business for the global good.

A chorus of voices, expertise, backgrounds and cultures united behind a common vision: to make service to society the ultimate goal of every successful business.

Be ready to change your mental model about business and be inspired by stories of change that challenge you to build upon the foundation of trustworthiness and truthfulness.

Discover workplaces where inclusivity and gender equality lead to more effective organizations and diversity fuels innovation; where moderation balances growth, and work is not just a means to an end but an act of reverence.

Engage with actionable insights on consultation and collaboration that challenge conventional management and unlock new pathways to success.

Make your work an instrument of change and see how ethical principles can become the essence of a new era of business and sustainable economic growth.

Discover tips, practical steps and useful actions that you can take today to embark on a business transformation that will embed prosperity, justice, and sustainability in every organizational fiber.

Ethical Business Building the Future is your invitation to join a global movement redefining success in the corporate world. Don’t just read about change; be the change. Grab your copy and step into a world where moral values become the heartbeat of entrepreneurship.

ebbf book - the boss books

The authors

All of the authors are part of an organization called EBBF – a global network of industry leaders who are
committed to developing our capacity to serve with excellence and improve the lives of others.

Join EBBF and become part of a proactive community shaping an altruistic, cooperative future where every individual can share responsibilities and solutions for
the betterment of the world.

Learn from a community that celebrates continuous learning and finds spiritual significance in work, shaping a new ethic.

  • Daniel Truran – Strategist, impact innovator, speaker, enabler and business schools professor. Director General of the EBBF, co-founder Impact Hub, Madrid. B CorpAmbassador. Partner at NOW Partners
  • Layli Miller-MuroSupports leaders and organizations working to operationalize their values, foster inclusive cultures, and prosper with purpose
  • Salim Afshar MD – Investor, co-founder, chief medical & innovation officer reveal healthtech Harvard faculty
  • Roy SteinerSenior vice president The Rockefeller Foundatiom
  • Jaleh ZandiehGlobal leadership consultant for service driven leaders and their teams to create a  culture of empowerment and inclusion
  • Steve Sarowitz – Founder of Paylocity, CEO of Blue Marble, Director of Payescape Co-Chairman at Wayfarer StudiosBoard of NCA
  • Sovaida Ma’ani – Co-owner at Unleash Your Coaching
  • Eugenio Fernández-DussaqCFO & co-founder BSmooth, Director of the Entrepreneur Laband, professor at NewU University
  • Shiva DustdarDirector at the European Investment Bank, the EUClimate Bank, Head and Dean of EIB Institute, leader in innovation and sustainable finance, speaker, change agent, connector
  • Denise Cumella – Empowering professionals and entrepreneurs to write, publish, and promote impactful business books. Leveraging 15+ years of marketing expertise and experience as an international bestselling author. Ebbf Board Member
  • Giuseppe Robiati – Business consultant with extensive corporate experience. International author, founder at EBBF
  • Martina Crepaz – Health coach & digital marketing consultant
  • Pascal Jossi – Facilitator and corporate culture consultant
  • Mónica Martínez VargasExecutive Director, business & leadership consultant, C level coach, leading regenerative projects, mentor of young talents, advisory board member EBBF. At the service of the unity of mankind.
  • Bruno Monfils – As a COO and angel investor, Bruno’s passion lies in developing teams and building organizational foundations for business growth
  • Laura Grassi – Founder of Grassroots Facilitation
  • Jenna Nicholas – Jenna Nicholas is a CEO, Stanford Business School alum and board member. Jenna uses impact investing as a tool to address the world’s great challenges through investing and advisory work
  • Andreas GalstererThe idea of a world in unity fascinates and motivates him at the same time. Andreas applies his knowledge to systemic organisational & leadership development
  • Nooshin K. Darvish – Doctor in Naturopathic MedicineFounder and chief medical officer of the award-winning Holistique Medical Center
  • Iko Congo – HR Director Coach
  • Diana Severati – Sustainability & Crowdfunding expert. A change agent creating a positive impact one campaign at time
ebbf book - the boss books

How can YOU contribute to a more prosperous society in your own unique, meaningful way?

Be part of a new paradigm where your business can be a force for good, a corner stone for a thriving, sustainable and united world.

This book is your guide to rethink the status quo and become the architect of a just, equitable economy.

Within these pages, explore the collective insights of entrepreneurs worldwide who have woven ethics into the tapestry of their work.

Tap into the wisdom and expertise of fellow service-driven leaders around the world: in this book you will find stories and learnings from each author that offer profound understandings and practical examples on how to build ethical organizations.

You can take the insights that resonate most with you and easily apply them to your professional journey.

Transform your career into a calling where every task becomes a service for the betterment of the world, blending material success with spiritual fulfillment for a work ethic that is as meaningful as it is rewarding.

Step into a world where unity redefines the workplace, merging business with the human spirit.

This book offers a groundbreaking vision for organizations permeated by the principle of oneness of humanity where values are the foundation of every organizational decision and action.

ebbf book - the boss books

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