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The Unger Method

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Interview with Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger is so far the only trader in the world to have won the prestigious World Cup Trading Championships® four times.

His success is due to the Unger Method™, a unique but replicable method of creating profitable trading systems.

His new book explains how this method works and how it can be used to create a truly diversified portfolio while keeping risk under control.

The Boss Books (BB): What is the Unger Method™?

ANDREA UNGER (AU): It’s a systematic trading method that is based on a scientific, replicable approach, which uses numbers and statistics rather than hunches. This point is very important, because it means that it’s a method that can be learned and then used to create trading systems that work on different markets, time frames and tools.

(BB) Who is this book for?

(AU) I’ve written it both for novice traders who approach trading for the first time and for those who have been traders for a while but are dissatisfied with their results. I’ve tried not to take anything for granted, because unfortunately there are many false myths that give people a distorted idea of the world of trading. I’ve decided to start precisely from those myths, in order to demolish them one by one before describing my method and what makes it so effective.

(BB) Are you saying that it’s not necessary to have a specific background to understand and learn your method?

(AU) Exactly. It’s useful to have a scientific mindset, because this helps you face every situation in a rational, methodical way, but everything else can be learned. Of course, you have to be committed and ready to devote some time to studying, but you certainly don’t need to have a math degree to use it. The students of the Unger Academy®, where I’ve been teaching my method for a few years, come from a variety of backgrounds and this has never been a problem. Two of them have actually become world champions like me!

(BB) What made you decide to write a book?

(AU) I faced many difficulties over the years, before I developed an effective method of facing the markets. However, I never gave up – after every loss I just picked up the pieces and started studying again to understand what I had done wrong and how I could improve my approach.

I’ve written this book to help other traders who find themselves in the same situation I was back then. I’d like to save them from making my same mistakes. That’s why in the book I explain everything I wish somebody had explained to me when I started trading.

(BB) Why did you choose to write it in English?

(AU) The world of trading has no borders. Personally, I’ve had many international experiences and my students come from all over the world. English allows me to tell my story and explain my method to traders everywhere.

The Unger Method by Andrea Unge - the boss books - the bossbooks

(BB) What is the most important piece of advice you’d like to give to somebody who wants to start trading?

(AU) I would tell them not to trust anybody who promises exorbitant gains in a short time and without much effort. The people who make this sort of unrealistic promises only want to increase their own wealth, not yours. Trading requires commitment and a realistic, responsible approach.

The Author: Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger is the only 4-time winner (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012) of the World Cup Trading Championships®️ (the most important year-long, real-money world trading competition).
He started his career as a professional trader in 2001 and over the years he has developed what is now known worldwide as the Unger Method™, his unique method of approaching the markets with trading systems. He is the author of the first Italian book on money management, which has been translated into English and Chinese.
Andrea is also an honorary member of SIAT (the Italian branch of IFTA, the International Federation of Technical Analysts) and a former member of its scientific committee.
In 2015 he founded the Unger Academy®️, where he teaches his method of developing profitable trading systems – a scientific, replicable method that works on different markets,
time frames, and instruments, because it is based on numbers and statistics, not hunches.
Since then he has helped thousands of students become successful in their trading. Two of his students have become world champions like him.

Andrea Unger interviewed by Debora Rosciani (journalist for Radio24, the most popular financial radio station in Italy)

The Unger Method by Andrea Unger - the boss books - the bossbooks

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